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Fluoroplast F3 used


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Fluoroplast F3 used

 Fluoroplast -3 - polythreefluoroethylene (F-3) or PTFE is Less heat-resistant (180 °C), and less chemically resistant than F-4. But this material possesses the best adhesion to metals and other substances. Besides, F-3 has very low creep therefore the details getting under mechanical loading don’t demand considerable margin of safety. F-3 has the main advantage, it is a thermoplastic of the 2nd group; it passes into a fluid consistence at 240°C and starts to destroy at 270°C. Therefore it is available for thermal molding and welding by standard methods. The main application of fluoroplast-3 is to create anticorrosive coverings of metals, thanks to technological effectiveness of drawing. Suspension from the thin powder of F-3 is brought on the rough metal surface heated to 280°C in organic solvents. Then this detail is quickly cooled.

P2250739 P2250738 250 rub/kg

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