Novosibirsk, World 63а, case 6a, office 17

Call numbers



330-89-02 Nina Mikhaelovna 
210-59-56 Katya
352-88-03 Maxim
211-29-93 Lyubov
211-29-94 Yura
361-15-19, 213-67-69 Kirill


Shipments are made on weekdays from 09:00 till 17:30

Fulfilled oil


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We buy the fulfilled oil

 "SPT" - is interested in purchase of the fulfilled engine, transformer, industrial, turbine oils.We will be glad to work with any volumes.

 1111111we pay worthy money for any kind of the fulfilled oil

For this purpose to sell the fulfilled oil, you need to leave the demand by phone 213-67-69

Fulfilled it is considered the mineral oil which has lost the initial properties as a result of technical operation and not suitable for further use. Working off can be repeatedly used after actions for restoration of its initial properties by cleaning of moisture and impurity or full chemical processing at the profile enterprises. In case of impossibility of recovery of initial characteristics, after removal of moisture and suspensions oil is used as liquid fuel or is a part of firm fuel.

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