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330-89-02 Nina Mikhaelovna 
210-59-56 Katya
352-88-03 Maxim
211-29-93 Lyubov
211-29-94 Yura
361-15-19, 213-67-69 Kirill


Shipments are made on weekdays from 09:00 till 17:30

Hardware, Bolts, fasteners and elements


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The group of the SPT trading companies specializes on sale of fasteners (a hardware, bolts, nails, self-tapping screws, nuts, anchors), engineering bathroom equipment (pipes, a fitting, shutoff valves, mixers), the electrotechnical equipment, a key hardware and the boiler equipment.


b8  Fasteners - one of the most large-scale on the range and variety of production JSC SPT direction. For many years studying of needs of buyers we managed to introduce the widest range of the commodity groups focused on the most refined inquiries. Today we are ready to provide to you any fixing equipment - from the elementary household to high-quality machine-building, and also manual both the electric tool and expendables to it. Carving and not carving fasteners, expansion bolt shields, anchors, rivets, nails, decorative caps, rigging, cable, chain, various fastenings, assembly details, polyamide cords.
 b7  Screws universal, screws on a tree, screws for a particleboard, self-tapping screws on metal, self-tapping screws for thin metal sheets, self-tapping screws for the gipsokartonnykh of plates, self-tapping screws roofing, self-tapping screws for a sandwich panels, screws ceiling, screws adjusting, screws adjusting, screws for термопластовтакелаж, a cable, a chain, various fastenings, assembly details, polyamide cords.
 b9  Bolts, hairpins and carving bars, screws machine, screws with "confidential" shliyets, screws, self-cut screws, nuts.
 b4  Bolts with a six-sided head, bolts with the special head, mounted and adjusting bolts, hairpins and bars.
 b5  Expansion bolt shields and anchors for fastening to various construction bases


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