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Печь хлебопекарная конвейерная ХПК- 50 М2


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Bakery Oven HPK 50 M2  

Печь ХПК 50М2Печь хлебопекарная Sale
320 тыс.р/ed
skid — копия


   Bakery Oven HPK 50 M2   The bakery oven is intended for baking of bread and other confectionery, it maybe used for drying of various products. It can be operated both in stationary and in field conditions. The oven works on firm fuel (firewood, coal), and at liquid fuel (diesel fuel, kerosene), or from the electric power (with installation of heaters in the furnace camera). Uniqueness of the oven consists in the fact that movement of forms (baking sheets) in the baking camera provides a uniform technological mode in the process of products’ baking. It is possible due to existence of rotor type of the conveyor with a horizontal axis of rotation and a rotary motion of cradles with forms concerning pipes on which they are mounted on the conveyor. The oven is reliable and convenient in operation; it is supplied with a temperature regulator. Quantity of the grain forms are 108, they are established on 9 cradles (at baking of bread weighing 1,7 kg.) The oven has a water-heating tank. For civil application it is delivered on a frame. During the three-shift work the payback period of the oven would be 3 months. Steam humidification is absent. The design of the oven provides normal baking of bread. Internal size of swinging shelf: 1746 х 23 х 28 Size of the oven 3200 х 2000 х 1800

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