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330-89-02 Nina Mikhaelovna 
210-59-56 Katya
352-88-03 Maxim
211-29-93 Lyubov
211-29-94 Yura
361-15-19, 213-67-69 Kirill


Shipments are made on weekdays from 09:00 till 17:30

Spirit drums


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Barrels steel, welded from AISI stainless steel - 304

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215156203_6 Bochki-spirt-(4) Bochki-spirt
Bochki-spirt-(5) Bochki-spirt-(7)

 Barrels steel, welded from AISI stainless steel - 304

Thickness of metal is 1 mm, nominal volume 200л 18 200 rub
Thickness of metal is 1,5 mm, nominal volume 200л 19 800 rub
Thickness of metal is 2 mm, nominal volume 200л 21 500 rub

The barrel is equipped with the sealing-up device


Are intended for storage and alcohol transportation

Production of barrels by volume is also possible:

40 liters at the price of 14 000 rub
100 liters at the price of 15 800 rub

Barrels are available and under the order, in the shortest terms, the delay of payment, a discount is possible at the order from 15 pieces. On all questions to address: 211-29-91, 211-29-94, 210-59-56, 213-67-69

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