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Production and Selling of Siberian Stone Pine Woodwork




How can you adapt drums?

 Initially, the new oak item contains a large amount of tannins and if at once to pour distillate, wine or other alcoholic drink in drums, it acquires very tart taste. Therefore, a new drum or a jug is filled with cold water and soak till 4 weeks. It is recommended to change water each 1-2 days. The long water soaking allows to prepare a drum for a stand of alcohol-containing mix. Replacement of water allows to fill in a drum with hot water that also accelerates a process of the drum’s preparation. At the beginning of a soaking it is possible to spring leak through slits between staves. It is not spoilage. It is necessary to add water each day to achieve a full stop of a leak. At a soaking stave will inflate and will densely close all slits. After a soaking the drum needs to be washed out by solution of the calcinated soda. You have to fill 1/3 of drum with boiled water and to add the calcinated soda from calculation 2 gr. on water liter. Then close a cover densely and roll the drum carefully that hot water could wash out staves. After that it is necessary to merge water and to wash it carefully out with hot pure drinking water and then with cold water. If there is an opportunity, you have to process a drum with steam. For this purpose you have to fill a drum on a half then to add soda and through a hose to bring in it steam and to bring water to boiling. Then act in much the same way as you processed with hot water. Your drum is almost ready for usage. It is possible to fill in in it strong distillate for a short time, and it is possible to continue preparation and to soak a drum with alcohol-containing mix (fortress of 15-25%) till 5-6 weeks. After that it is possible to fill it with a strong distillate for a long term. The drum with wine needs to be stored far from heat sources, in the cool damp room with light air circulation. If you don't plan to use the drum soon, it is desirable to fumigate it with sulfur to prevent the development of microorganisms and you have to store it in the cool damp room.


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