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Epoxide Resin


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  Company SPT barrels Epoxide Resin  

Packing of Resin
1 barrel (20 kg) -210 rub/kg
To barrel -250 rub/kg

  Epoxies represent soluble and fusible reactive oligomerny products on the basis of epichlorohydrin and diphenylol propane which can be transferred to not fusible and insoluble state under the influence of curing agents of various types. Epoxide resins are used in the electrotechnical, radio-electronic industry, an avia, vessels and mechanical engineering, in construction as a component of filling and impregnating compounds, glues, the sealants binding for reinforced plastics.       Maintenance manual for Epoxide Resin It is applied to reliable pasting and repair of products from various materials: porcelain, ceramics, faience, fiber glass, stone, marble, concrete, brick, metals, wood, rigid polyvinylchloride, other plastics except for polyethylene, polypropylene and teflon. Especially is suitable for restoration of natural and artificial stones, concrete and all types of construction materials. It is ideal for restoration of missing parts. Pressurizes, sticks together and fills. Technical characteristics of Epoxide Resin: The full crystallization occurs in 24 hours. Crystallization can be accelerated by increase of temperature to 70 °C. The speed of crystallization decreases at temperature below 15 °C. Doesn't shrink and extends at crystallization. After crystallization of epoxy the product can be machined, then it is necessary to smooth out, to polish, to drill, to grind, and also to paint it. Temperature of operation of the products’ stuck is from -50 °C to + of 150 °C. At big load of the stuck together details their temperature shouldn't exceed 80 °C. Temperature shouldn't exceed 80 °C at big load of the stuck together details. Epoxide resin is steady against influences of water, oils and solvents. Warranty period of epoxy storage: 1,5 years    



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