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Plastic sandwich panels


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Plastic sandwich panels  
333333333333  Plastic sandwich panels are fabricated of several layers of different materials. This heterogeneity gives to panels the properties uniting advantages of both materials. For example, the inside layer which is made of foam polyurethane provides the small weight and good thermal insulation. External layers made of rigid plastic provide esthetic appearance, crash-worthiness, hardness of a surface and rigidity of sandwich panels. The inside layer of sandwich panels is made of the extrusive foam polyurethane with the closed cellular structure. It differs from foam polystyrene in the improved physical mechanical properties. The foam polyurethane is pasted over with plastic sheets on both sides. These sheets made of the rigid PVC or layered plastic define color and the external surface texture. Plastic sheets can be laminated by the film imitating various breeds of a tree. 

  Sandwich panels properties:
-light weight (the mass of one square meter of the panel with rigid PVC 1 mm thick makes about 3,9 kg at a thickness of 24 mm);
-good heat insulation (heat transmission resistance is less than 0,9 sq.m * C° /W
- good acoustic insulation (the sound insulation index at a thickness 24мм makes not less than 24 dB);
-high moisture resistance;
-good impact resistance capability;
-resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
-possibility of processing by ordinary tools on a tree and metal. Properties of a filler:
-average density ~ 35 kg/m3
-low coefficient of heat conductivity (0,029 W/m * °C) almost not changing at  increase in humidity and cyclic loadings;
-high durability on compression - 0,25 MPas -small water absorption
- no more than 1,5% in 30 days;  
Recommendations for the sandwich panels’ use:
- Operation range from a minus of 50 °C to plus of 60 °C.
- When we fasten the sandwich of panels and it is known they work in the big range of temperatures we have to consider a coefficient of linear expansion of sandwich panels which is accepted equal 7×10-5 °C.
- It is easy to cut sandwich panels by disk saws or by a fret saw. 



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