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bricklayer’s scaffold, Rolling Drywall


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 We offer the bricklayer’s scaffold, Rolling Drywall Units on sale .

  Bricklayer’s scaffold Reconstruction of buildings’ facades up to 100 meters high. The bricklayer's scaffold of LR-60S and LS-100S are made according to GOST 27321-87 and are intended for carrying out repair and finishing, restoration works of facades of buildings 60 and 100 meters high respectively. The falsework is executed on the basis of a frame and added design with application of the basic and additional elements, it provides an easy and simple installation, dismantle, high stability and reliability. The structural strength provides possibility of use of the construction site hoist. The bricklayer's scaffold allows to make repair finishing works on facades of any configuration with standard loading of 350 and 500 kg/sq.m. using the freight hoist and special elements at  installation. Operability of the falsework is reached at the expense of provided ladders.
  Rolling Drywall Scaffold Unit Repair, installation, buildout of internal and external rooms. Rolling Drywall Scaffold Unit of PSRV are intended for carrying out construction and installation works, both for internal, and for external rooms at the height up to 21 meter. Rolling Drywall Scaffold Units of the PSRV series are easily and quickly mounted on the necessary height, they allow to arrange necessary construction materials directly in a work zone. The convenient working zone protected with hand-rail of safety is calculated on a rated load in 200 kg/sq.m, what is more than enough for work of 1-2 persons. Rolling Drywall Scaffold Units are universal as they allow working at different height thanks to fast installation or dismantling of circles.

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